Social Media Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

One of my friends who is not into Digital Marketing called me last night (after ages, I am still angry). After 1 min of casual discussion, he straight came to the point. “Akshay, I am doing Social Media Marketing for my business. I have learned through Youtube. Earlier I thought it’s very easy, thus went […]

This is Why Facebook Page Likes are Important

  Being a hardcore Social Media lover and professional Social Media Marketer I have a bad habit. While scrolling a newsfeed, I closely observe ‘Paid Ads’. No matter ad matters to me or not. I go through its ad copy. I click on Learn More, Sign up.. I check their landing pages. I visit their […]

What is Social Media Marketing Actually?

She liked my Facebook profile picture that day, and I couldn’t sleep that night. My journey of Social Media began since then. I used to stalk her daily, hourly, minutely. 5 years passed, many things happened, butterflies flew, and so on. Thanks to Social Media, it has the biggest contribution to my love story. Oops. […]