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Digital Marketing: Expectations vs Reality

Expectations vs Reality is Life. I know everyone will agree over this. Whether we like it or not, it’s an inevitable part and follows in every field of life. Digital Marketing is no exception.

It’s been a year that I am into Digital Marketing and the most important thing I have learnt till now is “ What not to do?”.

Thought, I should share this with you….

I have come across many people who said, “ Akshay, I want to do Digital Marketing for my brand. What can you do? I want to boost my sales quickly”. What I answer to them is different part (My business Pitch it is, can’t share here. HAHA!), but what I have observed that they lack the perception about how Digital Marketing works actually at first place.

So, fasten your belts, let’s see How actually Digital Marketing works in a “ Expectations vs Reality “ way…


Digital Marketing is equally beneficial for every business

#Reality – 1

Results in Digital Marketing varies Business to Business

Hundreds of different businesses are out there. Restaurants, Gyms, Hospitals, Real Estate, E-commerce Companies and many others. Different business niche has a different business model, hence working of business operations also differs.

Let’s take an example, promotion of steel business vs Restaurant on Facebook/Instagram.

In Social Media Marketing we are already doing sort of Interruption Marketing, as people use Facebook to connect with their friends not to see our ads. However, you still run ads, people will bare restaurant ads, as they are highly useful. Food is the basic need. Psychologically, people will respond to restaurant ads easily.

Whereas, while Marketing Steel business, we face a hard time. Just think, when is the last time you ordered ‘Steel’ from Facebook? That’s the answer.

Digital Marketing Results varies from business to business.



Being on the first page means raining of leads.

#Reality – 2

Being on the first page doesn’t guarantee leads.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO), you know right? It helps to get our website on the first page, so when our website will be on top, we will get leads. Till this, you may have known this. Okay, now read what I am up to. You’re half correct. Though it is absolutely right that SEO done Website gain leads because they are on the first Page. Still, leads are not guaranteed.

Let’s see an example, a few days back one of the Digital Marketing Agencies in Pune promised my friend that if he does SEO for a website, it will give 10 monthly leads. My friend agreed, SEO began. Agency brought my friend’s website on the first page, but forget 10 leads, not even 5 were there.

Moral of the incident is, Agency went overboard in terms of convincing my friend. Reality is no one can guarantee leads.

Yes, you will get leads over the period of time. But getting leads depends on many factors and mainly on Search Volume. If many people (let’s say 1000 people monthly) are looking for a certain term and you are ranking for that particular term, then surely(still not guarantee in terms of numbers) you will get leads.

But if only 10 people are looking for something, and you are ranking for the term, then don’t expect leads, please.


Pro tip: If someone comes to you and promised they will give you leads by doing SEO. Think twice.


#Expectation – 3

 Paid ads ensure guaranteed results

#Reality – 3

 There is nothing like anything guaranteed in Digital Marketing

People say, okay Organic reach is dead, let’s invest in paid ads and think they will get results for sure. Thinking like this is fine because anybody who doesn’t belong to digital marketing field will obviously think, ‘ Yaar, I used to think, Free Social Media Marketing like posting amazing content on my FB page will drive results. Content is the King after all. Anyway, I will go with Paid ads this time. Results are for sure!”

But, this too, slightly away from the reality.  Yes, Paid ads will give you large exposure. Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. You will reach to a larger portion of the audience. But, reaching to a large audience is not enough to drive conversions.

Paid ads effectivity depends on many factors such as a type of product/service, audience selection/targeting, quality of your ad copy/content, the people at backend who will attend the enquiries etc.

Let’s understand this with an example –

Product/Event: A Cultural Event only for ladies.

Task: Promotion of an event on Facebook to generate ticket sales.

Execution Style 1(Paid Ad):

  • Created a design/visual/image.
  • Written a caption just explaining Name of an event, date and venue.
  • Boosted that post with 1000 Rs. Without targeting anyone, also unknowing till how many days ad will run.

Execution Style 2(Paid Ad):

  • Created a Buyer Persona (Here, Study of those people who might be interested in the event).
  • Created a caption revealing all the details like purpose of the event, why should anyone attend that event, what will attendees get/experience after an event, and then venue, pricing etc.
  • Created an attractive design based on the study.
  • Created a Facebook Event and boosted that by targeting ‘Females’ only with specific location and age group.

Now tell me which Ad will be successful for sure? Style 2?

Wrong. Don’t be shocked.

I already mentioned that there is nothing like guaranteed in Digital Marketing. That’s the point. Got it?

Yes, but Execution Style 2 will perform much much better than 1. Yeh sure hain!

Bottom Line:  No Digital Marketer can guarantee you results even with Paid Ads. But, still, I would advise you to hire a Digital Marketer or Agency, because they know how to use your hard earned money effectively and efficiently.

#Expectation -4

Social Media Marketing is easy. I know how to boost a post.

#Reality – 4

 Social Media Marketing is not just about boosting.

Saving is good. But saving money won’t make you rich. If you look closely, richest people of all time became rich because of investing. Anyway, it’s not an Economics class. The purpose of reminding you all this is Social Media too is not an exception when it comes to investing and getting ROI.

Many people think that they either don’t need Social Media Marketing for their business or they themselves can do Social Media Marketing. First Point is totally wrong. The second Point could be right, but it has criteria. If you know in and out of Social Media Marketing then your point is right, but if you think you know how to boost a post on FB and that is Social media marketing, then you need us, The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Pune. Haha! Anyway, jokes apart, you are wrong!

Again there are two categories. People who just click the boost button and do payment & People who set targeting, do payment and then press the Boost Button. Though efforts of people who set targeting and boost are commendable, still they are wrong, if they don’t adopt Social Media Marketing.

I have already mentioned in my blog about What is Social Media Marketing Actually?

Boosting allows you to reach to more people. But reaching more people is not enough. Social Media Marketing is a spontaneous activity. Moreover, it needs consistency to be fruitful. You need to try out a different form of content, like blogs, videos, pictures, podcasts etc. so that you can infer which type of content is working best for your business. And believe me, it takes time. But once you picked it right, no one can stop you from getting succeed in Social Media Marketing.

Always remember, Content creation is the fundamental, yet very very important part of Social Media Marketing.

Now coming to the paid ads, ‘Boost’ has limited functionalities. Let’s see how.

Suppose, You are having a Real Estate Business. You created a Facebook Page. Imagine, one of your Friend knows Graphics Designing, thus he helped you with a design. You uploaded that image, written some caption explaining the details about the property and boosted with all your knowledge hoping people will inquire.


Okay not being so harsh.  Some people may put enquiries in the comment section. Then you will reply them with necessary information. But the conversion rate will be very low for sure. Forget conversion, there is very low possibility that both you and prospect will communicate properly.

But, if you would have known Social Media Marketing, you would have gone with Lead Generation Campaign or Conversion Campaign(after creating a landing page), so that you could collect the Name, Email IDs, Contact Number and other required information and afterwards you could talk over a call with a prospect. Once communication initiates, chances of conversion are always high.

I can give you many different examples about what can you do in Social Media Marketing other than boosting to get a good result with low cost. (If you want to know more, Contact me here.)

Bottom Line: If you are one of those who thinks you know Social Media Marketing if you know how to boost a post, mate you are wrong.

So these are some Expectations vs Reality facts.

Hey reader! If you are not a professional Digital Marketer, please please do understand Digital Marketing is not a magic and not at all easy. It takes time, it needs consistent efforts, it needs creativity, it needs good writing skills and so on. Keep your expectations realistic and Digital Marketing will create wonders for you!

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