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How to Crack Your First Digital Marketing Interview?

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How to be successful in Digital Marketing interview? This question isn’t a new thing and has answered by many experts. Even, if you do a Google search, you will get many answers. Still, I would like to answer this one from my point of view and trust me, it is more credible, because I am not a Digital Marketing Manager or CEO who guides about how to give an interview. Though these people are experienced and truly want to help you, they tell you what they expect from the attendees. And, most of the times answer is Generic.

So, I thought “ Chalo.. Maine to crack kiya, ab dusroko help karloon, isi bahaane dost ban jayenge. So selfish I am”.

So, here I go with the tips & Tricks that I applied in my interviews..(For freshers)

1) Whichever the interview is (SEO Executive, Social Media Manager, PPC Executive etc) be prepared with the basic questions. Do memorize the definitions of every part of Digital Marketing. No matter, how thoroughly we know the topic, but when an interviewer asks What is SEO? Or What is Social Media Marketing? We get fumbled like from where to start.
Hence, memorize definitions like you memorize your favorite song.

2) Be super confident. Even if you don’t master the skills. Still, behave like you are the King. It doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant. Don’t misinterpret. Give an interview like you are already running a company. Be that confident.

3) A blog is a must. At least 3-4 blogs you should have on Digital Marketing topic. Blog on ‘Blogger’ or ‘Wordpress’ is fine. Not mandatory to have a hosted website. Please note, if you are having a blog, chances of getting selected increases almost 50%.

Most Digital Marketing Training centers give certificates only. Differentiate yourself by writing some words. Interesting YAY!!

4) Give examples. Do you know why some students used to score more marks than other contemporaries with the same knowledge? Examples. Here comes storytelling. Whenever Interviewers will ask you a question like – What is Digital Marketing? Your answer should be like – “ Digital Marketing is nothing but —[Full definition]. For example, consider there are two shops. Shop A and Shop B….[Rest of the story with Digital Marketing terminologies].” It works, believe me.

5) Practice every day. Start talking to yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and speak whatever the hell you know about Digital Marketing. Have you ever heard about Bollywood actors doing everything required to make the role lively. Same in this case, be in the zone. I still remember, one day before the interview, I went to the medical to get a tablet. And I said,” one SEO please, instead of Crocin.”. So embarrassing I know, but WORTH EMBARASSING. Bottom line? Be in the zone before the interview.

6) Work on your English. Content is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing and King you know. Hence, English is the must. Read, listen, speak, watch whatever you can in English. Be in the zone of English before you attend the interview is what I can say.

7) Have a Facebook Page. Post your blog links there. Run Page Likes Campaign for the Page. That’s it. Tell interviewer, Sir, I have a Facebook Page too.

8) Do memorize at least 15-20 Digital Marketing tools names with their use. For this, you have to actually use all that tools. Who knows, if anyone asked you about how that particular tool works? Always be prepared.

9) If you know how to do SEO audit then do it for the company’s website you are going for an Interview. If you don’t know how to conduct an audit, then do research or approach any Digital Marketer friend, but do it. And present it to the interviewer. But keep in mind it is little sensitive. Use this weapon smartly. You shouldn’t be in the KING ATTITUDE as I said earlier while presenting their company’s audit. Be as polite as possible.

10) Apart from the SEO audit, look for their online presence. Make notes about how can you make their online presence better. Go through the website, their clientele, company’s domain expertise. Learn Co-Founders’ history(this is optional, but always a plus point).

First Interview is always scary I can understand. But if we take it as a challenge, it is fun! Everything begins with a thought. Sit and think what you can do to minimize your competition. Start executing, try for perfection.

I personally used to love giving interviews. It gives a feeling like you are attending a press conference.

Anyway, I should stop now, otherwise you people will think “ Bada aaya shaana banne”.Haha!

I hope it will help you someway. All the best. Don’t forget to call me for a party after a selection.

Love Akshay.

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