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How to Set up a Good System of Digital Marketing?


Not very long ago, it was not uncommon to see your business gaining much-needed help from an advertisement you placed on a bus going around town. Even today, busses, billboards, and other such traditional methods of marketing are used. These traditional methods can be helpful, but there is one problem with these methods are they meant for only big corporations, who already have a large customer base, can use them, moreover it’s extremely expensive. So what did small business owners do to spread their business before? They mainly used to ‘advertise’ using the word of mouth, but even the word of mouth today is very different from the word of mouth of yesterday.

Today, one sentence can be simultaneously shared with hundreds, if not thousands, of people in a matter of seconds. Apart from that, using proper advertisements on various websites has become much easier since it is much cheaper. Couple that with the number of people surfing the internet these days, and it is quite understandable why ‘Digital Marketing’ has become such a big thing. But why is it absolutely necessary?


What is Digital Marketing?

In case you happen to be unclear about this, we will throw light once again before we move on to the next points. In generic and simple terms, it is the marketing which is done over various media sources such as smartphones or computers, over the Internet. This is the most widely accepted definition and what people mean by digital marketing. In this method, normally you create a website, optimize it so it ‘pulls’ in a maximum amount of consumers, and spread your business through that. There are various strategies for getting your website to be shared more frequently, and they will be dealt with later on in this article.

Why is Digital Marketing Necessary?

In this world of technology and capitalism, there are multiple businesses sprouting up and gaining customers. It would be wrong to presume that you would have the best quality of products, let alone that that quality would be enough to get more business. In this competitive world of technology, the only way to get ahead is to embrace. The consumers do not want to physically move to your office to get information, when they can get the same amount of information from another similar business, sitting in their homes. When the interactive websites, the various articles, and other digital marketing strategies can provide with them all of the information, as well as at times allow them to make orders of products sitting in the vicinity of their home. All of this simply cannot be tackled by the traditional methods, the world has moved ahead, so your business needs to move ahead as well.

Starting off: Making a Website

You cannot do digital marketing until you have a website. You can consult Solutions Companies to help you in this process, but essentially your website should be interactive, and it should pull in customers. This can essentially be called Starting point of a ‘Marketing Funnel’. In this, the first step is the development of a call-to-action or CTA. What a CTA is essentially a way for you to gather information about the person visiting your website, in order for you to be able to use that information later for securing them as a customer. There are different ways to do this.

Firstly you can show them your deals and your offers, make them look attractive and appealing, such that they click on it. This has two effects, one; you lure the individual in further, and second; you can now bring them to more pages in which you can ask them various questions in order to inquire about what they are looking for. You also create what’s called a ‘Lead Magnet’ in which you give some information about your product, but in order to get all of the information, they need to fill out certain forms or sign up for a newsletter, which will give you certain information about them.

Later, you can use this information to give them exactly what they are looking for, and they will be pulled further into this ‘Funnel’, until they go even further, and are finally hit with a deal or product which they need, and buy there and then.

Making that Website seen

Making the website is only the first step in digital marketing because the problem is most of the websites are not even seen by the mass consumers. To ensure they are seen, place links and pages on large social networks as well as other websites which feature products similar to yours. What is important is to create a website such that it comes on top of any Search Engine whenever somebody searches for relevant information. This is called Search Engine Optimization. In this, you can use various techniques such as featuring various articles on your website which use certain keywords which people could search for. In this, you use quality articles, blogs, or newsletters in order to keep updating fresh content as well as increasing the number of keywords used to get more access. Other techniques such as link building or creating links to large social networks are also a great way for your website to be seen. Social media is the best way to increase this exposure since so many people use it. But what is important is that the quality of all the articles and everything should be such that they should be able to come on top of results as well. Lastly, your website needs to be optimized and should work properly. Nobody likes a website which does not work properly. Using these techniques ensure your website is seen, as well as ensuring more customers.

The End Result

What will all of this hard work get you into? What happens is that people will search for various keywords, and they will see an article based on that keyword. After they have opened that article, they will get into your website, making sure this happens is essential. As discussed earlier, more the articles, and the better quality,  higher chance of this happening. Or the person can gain access via a social network, however, they do, they get to your website. After they have gotten to your website, they should not be saying a plain and dull website which does not spark their interest, the first thing they should see is the best deal you have to offer, and with that deal, you slowly start gaining more and more information. As you gain information, you give them more relevant products, up till a point when they are convinced they have found exactly what they need, and if your customer care and quality happen to be good, they will buy it, and become a regular customer.

So in the end, you use the digital media, primarily the internet, to exponentially increase your customer base by reaching out to hundreds if not thousands of people using certain Digital Marketing strategies which ensure your product is seen and your company name is spread.

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