What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing in Digital Marketing?

I don’t have any story to tell you about what is PPC this time. Will you accept me? Haha. Was trying to be funny. Anyway jokes apart. Do you remember my brother’s wedding? My Kurta?  Yeah, that one. For the people who are reading my blog for the first time, don’t worry, we’ll also be […]

What is Social Media Marketing Actually?

She liked my Facebook profile picture that day, and I couldn’t sleep that night. My journey of Social Media began since then. I used to stalk her daily, hourly, minutely. 5 years passed, many things happened, butterflies flew, and so on. Thanks to Social Media, it has the biggest contribution to my love story. Oops. […]

What is SEO and Why Should We Do It?

Last week there was a wedding of my elder brother. Due to a busy work schedule, I was not able to help my family in ‘wedding related stuff’. Though it was not an issue as there were many people to help them out. The real issue comes when I wanted to buy a dress for […]