What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing in Digital Marketing?

I don’t have any story to tell you about what is PPC this time. Will you accept me? Haha. Was trying to be funny. Anyway jokes apart.

Do you remember my brother’s wedding? My Kurta?  Yeah, that one. For the people who are reading my blog for the first time, don’t worry, we’ll also be friends soon (maybe after this blog). Okay, so yes My Kurta. How I clicked on the first result in hurry and bought one.

Here’s a different angle of the story. I deliberately didn’t tell you before, as it wouldn’t be a good practice to explain everything in the first blog.

See, this image carefully.

Do you notice that green rectangular Ad sign? When I was buying a kurta for myself, it wasn’t displaying, that’s why I bought from Myntra, (exact below that ad) as it was on the first spot. Then, how that ‘FabIndia’ website came on to the top suddenly? Did they do SEO? No, but SEO takes time. Then how? And what about that Green Ad, why that sign is not displayable in front of other websites?

Great. Now we have got our Why? and How? Let’s find answers to these questions.

What is PPC(Pay Per Click Advertising)?

“Pay per click aka PPC is an Online Advertising platform, where Search Engine takes some fees when someone clicks on our ad.”

Or in other words..

Advertisers get charged when someone clicks on their ad.

For example, you searched “Lawyers in Mumbai”.

These are ads running for the keyword ” Lawyers in Mumbai”. If you click on any one of these websites, the website owner will get charged.


Why do People do PPC?

It’s all about basics. If your website is at the top, people will click on it. If your website is attractive and user-friendly and if they liked your product, they will buy it and you will generate revenue.

SEO can achieve this, that too without investing money. But SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, it takes time. Hence, the other way is PPC.

Let’s say. Rahul owns a Real Estate Company. He is done with his work and now he wants to promote in full swing. He has a website, but unfortunately, it ranks on the 3rd page of the Google.

In this case, SEO is not a good option. As Rahul doesn’t have enough time. Thus, he will contact PPC Companies in Pune or whichever the city he lives in.

After doing PPC, his website will rank high(depends on a number of factors). Further benefits you know it. What will happen once his website gets on the first page?

How Does PPC Model Work?

Now, you have a basic understanding of What is PPC? Let’s see how actually PPC works?

See, Rahul’s company cannot be the only one real estate company in the city. There must be many other real estate company owners who want to rank their website on the first page.

Let me tell you, Google can’t display all the ads on the first page, as there is not enough space.

So, how it is determined to which ads to be shown on the first page?


Google conducts an auction, where all the website owners who want to show their ad on the first page bids against each another.

The Website which wins the bid get a higher rank following by other websites.

But again here’s a twist.

Google doesn’t take money factor only into the consideration. Auction here doesn’t mean if you pay more money so you will get a higher rank.

Google is no 1 for the reason. To get higher a rank you must meet the following conditions.

  • Your Landing Page(webpage which will be displayable after clicking your ad) must be good, user-friendly.
  • Keyword Relevancy
  • Past CTR(Click Through Rate)

Based on these factors you get Quality Score.

If defined in Equation, it looks like this –

Higher Rank = Bid Amount * Quality Score


Website A and Website B competing against each other to get higher ad position.

  • Website A is ready to pay 100 Rs for each click, but their Quality Score is only 3, then their score will be

100 * 3 = 300

  • Website B is ready to pay only 50Rs for each click, but their Score is 8, then their score will be ,

50 * 8 = 400.

Result? Website B will get a higher rank position even if Website A was paying more amount than B.

Interesting, no?

So, this is how auction takes place.

PPC is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing. If you want to sell something in less amount of time, it is the best Option. Because your potential customers are already searching for your product. If your website gets in front of them, you will get tremendous exposure. Yes, it is a little expensive. But strategic implementation of PPC fetches good results.

I have just given you the basic information, still, I have enough scope to give more detailed information. In the next blog, we will discuss the further things, for sure.

I hope you get my points. Still, if you have any queries, let me know.

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