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Social Media Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

One of my friends who is not into Digital Marketing called me last night (after ages, I am still angry). After 1 min of casual discussion, he straight came to the point.

“Akshay, I am doing Social Media Marketing for my business. I have learned through Youtube. Earlier I thought it’s very easy, thus went ahead. But now the problem is, I’ve realized I am doing something wrong because despite doing paid marketing, spending thousands of rupees on campaigns, I am not getting the desired result.”

Wow,  you learned through YouTube? Really commendable, I said. (No matter how good troller I am, I never troll people who put such efforts. Rather I appreciate).

Afterward, we talked for more 8-10 minutes and then hung up the call. On Sunday, we met and resolved the issues. Moreover, we had a good chat. I returned home, but with loads of thoughts and smile. The smile was because I met my friend after a long time and thoughts? Here we go –

During an interaction with my friend, I came to realize that there is category of people who are actually aware of the importance of Social Media Marketing but making silly mistakes which are proving obstacles for Social Media Success. At the very moment, I decided to write a blog post on Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing, once I reach home.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Don’t post whenever you want

In Social Media Marketing, strategy comes first and then Promotion. You can’t post your company updates all the time. If people get annoyed by your updates, they have a superpower of unfollowing you in a single touch. Mind it! Moreover, don’t post at night or early morning, your audience might be either asleep or haven’t woke up yet, resultantly your update would go to the bottom of a newsfeed which is never desirable. Right?

Do Create Social Content Calendar

Just imagine what would have happened if calendar wouldn’t be there? Everything would be messy, Right? Calendar simplifies the life, we can plan things accordingly. Similarly, we can make our own calendar for Social Media Marketing. How?

Day 1: Monday – Branding Post (Timing: 10 am)

Day 2: Tuesday – Educational Post (Timing: 12 pm)

Day 3: Wednesday – Blog Post sharing (Timing: 8 pm)

Day 4: Thursday – Educational Post (Timing: 10 am)

Day 5:  Friday(Festival) – Festival Post (Timing: 9 am)

Day 6: Saturday – Testimonial Video (Timing: 3 pm)

And so on till Day 31.

It’s just an example. But just imagine how simple your work process will be after this? You can schedule all your posts(if ready) in advance. Furthermore, your audience will also be excited because you are sharing different things every day, and not bothering them.

Don’t talk only about your products

The primary purpose of Social Media is connecting people. Generally, people don’t open their social media apps to search for a product/services. For that, they use Google. So when you are promoting your products/services through pages, you should not go overboard with your ‘Product promotion updates’. Otherwise, they will simply scroll and one day they will unfollow your page.

Just imagine, what would happen if I keep posting about my services on my Facebook Page like Social Media Services @10000 INR, SEO Services @20000 etc. Could my services get sold?

Rarest possibility and that’s not even Social Media Marketing!

Do Educate your audience and then sell

People like to get educated. Moreover, they tend to deal with a business who is expert in his/her field. So what you can do? Simply educate them. Write blog posts, create graphics using online tools like canva,crello, Go live on Facebook and interact with people, solve their queries live.

I am a Digital Marketer, but on my Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn page I never post about what services I offer. Rather, I post about what are these services? Why these services are necessary? What change can happen if their businesses adopt these services?

Last month I closed 2 clients and do you know what? I didn’t pitch them at all, they liked my posts, the value I provided and done.

Guys, please learn to differentiate between Sales and Marketing. On Social Media, you can’t just post the name and price of your product/service and expect sales.

Don’t create an account on every Social Media platform out there

Yes, you read right. The word ‘Social Media Marketing’ looks fascinating, but this fascination doesn’t have any relation to the results. Unless it is necessary, don’t create accounts on every Social Media platform. It is just wastage of time, energy and sometimes money! Moreover, maybe your target audience isn’t hanging around everywhere. Then what’s the use of having an account on every social media platform?

For example, if you are running a restaurant, then your Social Media Marketing efforts should have revolved around mainly Instagram and Facebook. In this case having an account on LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora is not of much use.

Keep in mind always, don’t go for anything which won’t get counted.

Do choose the right platform

Pick your goals, do some research on where your target audience is, what your objective is, and select the right platform. Sounds preach? Here I am making it simple for you.

For example, if I am a Politician(Thank God, it’s just an example), then my Social Media Marketing efforts should be focussed around mainly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and YouTube. In this case, having an account on LinkedIn won’t be of much use for me, as my objective is not doing business, but having an interaction with common people.

Choosing the right platform saves your time and makes you more efficient. Having an account on every platform, but not putting any content doesn’t look good.

Don’t write robotically

There is only a few seconds gap between your post in the newsfeed and the user’s scrolling finger. And if you are going to write in the ‘Definition format’, your post will get scrolled without even knowing the context.  The first line of your caption decides whether a user will read it or not. Moreover, if you don’t improve your writing skill and keeps posting in the same manner, your audience will soon start skipping your updates.

If you are using Quora, just see the most upvoted answers(except few exceptions that some answers luckily go viral), those answers are not at all in definition format.

Even if you are doing a paid campaign, only using a stunning visual won’t lead you anywhere. People read what you have written, and if it is disappointing, SCROLL….

Do Write in a Conversation Format

He has a killer English, what a vocab, PRO!

Who cares?

People are not here to learn English on Social Media. They are here to connect. Connect with you, connect with your content and ultimately connect with your brand.

Do something worth connecting and relax, Mr.Mark Zuckerber has a huge staff, they will take care of further things.

Write in conversation format. Not necessary that you should have used advanced level English. Write like you are actually talking with someone. Don’t write in preach format unless you are already a star!

Be it any Social Media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter(yeah only 280 characters) try to convey your message in a conversation format. At the end what matters is whether your audience is getting the message or not.

Don’t go overboard with automation

Automation is really good. Being a Social Media Marketer I use it. It saves my time, it makes me feel relaxed like I don’t need to worry about what if I forget to upload any post of my clients? Automation made it that easy.

But, but, but…  my job doesn’t end here. Who is going to reply to comments on the posts? Who is going to reply messages after my darling ‘Chatbot Receptionist’ talked with a user? Of course me.

Got my point?

Automation makes your tasks easy, but it’s not a one-stop solution. Moreover, excessive use of it may be hazardous to your brand as many people don’t like to respond to bots or automated responses.

Do try to attend queries by yourselves

If you are doing Social Media Marketing, then always remember one thing that connecting people is the purpose of Social Media. Either people to people or brand to people. Focus on how you can engage with your audience more often. There are many brands out there, if you keep relying on automation, you might have to face consequences in terms of losing audience especially in your initial days.

Do chat with them, answer their queries. Reply to their comments. Create a conversation, make that conversation worth converting(sales).

So these were the 5 do’s and don’ts of Social Media Marketing. Actually, there are many, but it is already a 1460th word I am typing and I really care for my bounce rate!

Jokes apart, I hope you all got my points. If you really liked it, do thank my friend!


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