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This is Why Facebook Page Likes are Important

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Being a hardcore Social Media lover and professional Social Media Marketer I have a bad habit. While scrolling a newsfeed, I closely observe ‘Paid Ads’. No matter ad matters to me or not. I go through its ad copy. I click on Learn More, Sign up.. I check their landing pages. I visit their Facebook Pages, I see their Page Likes, Posts Likes, Comments etc. Also Imagine, what would have done If I would have run this ad and so many things.

Besides paid ads, sometimes I see some Organic posts, blog posts, images etc.

So, one fine morning I woke up and like any other day, took my phone and started checking my newsfeed. Scrolling….Scrolling… Scrolling.. Clicked on one of the pages (Page was about some so-called ‘Digital dash dash dash’). One more bad thing about me is, when I see ‘Digital’ Prefix in front of any name nowadays, I expect more from that person than any other Digital Marketer.

So, that ‘Mr.Digital’ had approx. 200 page likes and more than 10 posts. Good, a page was new, 200 likes were more than enough to impress me. I read some posts of him and honestly wasn’t disappointing at all. He explained it well. Later I got out of that page.


(2 Months later)


Again I came across his page, just out of curiosity or let’s say to read his good content. But I got shocked this time. Why? Now he had 30+ Posts, but Page likes were 210 something.. I wondered, “ Yaar, what’s wrong? He’s putting good content, it must have to reach to its audience.”. So I messaged him and asked about it , also suggested politely to run Page Likes campaign.

And what he answered to me was shocking and now the reason why I am writing this blog post.


Why Facebook Page Likes are Important?

I can write 5 bulleted points and explain. But, I won’t. I am pretty sure Mr.Digital’s story will explain more than that 5 points.


Akshay:  Hello Sir, I went through all your posts and it’s amazing. You are doing good. Can I suggest you something?

Mr.Digital: Yes.

Akshay: Sir, I have been observing your posts are not getting enough traction what it deserves actually. Why don’t you go for Page Likes Campaign?

Mr.Digital: Glad, you read and liked my content. But, I am not going to run any campaign. I am putting great content, it must grow organically to increase engagement ratio.

Akshay: Wow.. Loved your perspective. Glad to know that there’re still some people exist who believes in content marketing. But I insist atleast do one campaign. So, it will give your page a major boost while growing.

Mr.Digital: Page likes doesn’t matter at all. Don’t you know that Organic reach is declined? Organic reach increases only with the higher engagement rate. Hence, I am putting great content consistently on the page. I am sure my steady efforts will be fruitful soon. Thank you for the suggestion. Bye.

Akshay: Bye, Good Luck.

One good thing I have learned in 2018, not to argue.

Facebook Page Likes ensures credibility.  

Let me give a simple example. When I was looking for a job in my early days. I used to check their Facebook Presence. If ‘Page Likes’ were good enough, I used to go for an interview. If Likes were very minimum, I used to avoid to go, just because of the simple fact that ‘ I didn’t find those companies reputed. How would I learn there? No to little chances to my career growth”.

I am not a psychology professor, but from my personal experience, I can definitely say this, as an any individual person that Facebook Likes create a positive impression in mind for sure.  customer is very clever, they do all the research before buying anything, be it a product or a service. If they come across your Facebook Page with 78 likes, will it look good?

Apart from the credibility, page likes help us in conversion. Yes, it’s 100% truth what you have heard that Organic reach is declined. So you may wonder what’s the use of that page likes if my posts are not visible to ‘Likers’.

Let’s see an example. Consider Page A and Page B are into the same business. Page A has 300 Likes while Page B has 3000 Likes. Both are putting the great content that too consistently. Engagement plays a huge role in organic reach, hence I consider here same engagement rate for both the pages.

Here comes the point. Page A has 300 likes, so in very good scenario, out of 300 people who have liked the page, 50-60 people will see regular updates.

On the other hand, Page B has 3000 likes and I hate maths, thankfully no need to do calculations as I am pretty sure, you got my point.

More the reach, more the chances of conversion.(Hey Non-Digital Marketers out there, conversion means nothing but the sales).

Hence, Facebook Page Likes are important, don’t compromise on that.  I agree Page Likes are not directly proportional to Sales. Sales always depend on the overall Marketing Strategy you apply. But, we can say having a respectable total number of likes do matter a lot, as we can’t deny the fact that Brand Awareness itself fetch sales without intense Marketing efforts sometimes.

On the other hand, if you are having a regularly updated Blog, you will receive some bonus traffic with a good page likes count.

Don’t buy Likes from Fiverr or any other similar sites. It is fascinating for ‘Credibility’ Part. But, whatever the organic reach you are getting, you won’t get that. The likes you buy from any particular website are bots, not the actual human being who operates Facebook like you and me. Facebook Algorithms are improving day by day. If they detect that you are doing a suspicious activity, your organic reach will become Zero, yes Zero. Moreover, Credibility is useless if it is not fetching the money.

Sadly, Mr.Digital lost his prospective fan. Ab main kiska Fan banu?

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