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What is Social Media Marketing Actually?

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She liked my Facebook profile picture that day, and I couldn’t sleep that night. My journey of Social Media began since then. I used to stalk her daily, hourly, minutely. 5 years passed, many things happened, butterflies flew, and so on. Thanks to Social Media, it has the biggest contribution to my love story.

Oops. Apologies. I should learn to control my Shah Rukh Khan Fanship. Haha!

So, Social Media. What is Social Media? What are the types of Social Media? Don’t worry, I am not going to bore you.

Let’s dive into the pool.

Social Media Marketing Means What?

I hope you know what is Marketing, first. Promoting and Selling products/ services to the customer. I could write more technical definition here, but I am not a teacher and book too. You get my point and I am okay with it. I keep it simple.

Marketing is nothing but the promotion of products for the sake of Sales.

Exactly, this is Social Media Marketing. Only difference is, we use Social Media for this, here.

We know, a lot of people are online regularly.  I read somewhere, if Facebook were a country, It would be third largest in the World. Just imagine, how large Facebook is in terms of user base. Moreover, there are many other social media platforms too.

The fundamental part of any business is an audience, even if it’s virtual. Exact target audience differs, to find them and target, is a different thing.

Simply, Social Media Marketing means promoting your product or services on Social Media, because its user base is large. They check their newsfeed daily. If your product is a part of their newsfeed, chances are they will buy your product.

Why Do Some People Fail in Social Media Marketing?

Is my order of explaining going wrong? No. Before learning HOW, we should know WHY?

Akshay, I have created a Facebook Page, Instagram Account, LinkedIn Company Page. I am posting regularly about my products, but there are no likes and comments. I think Social Media Marketing is useless. I have heard this from my own people many times.

Read carefully, what I am going to tell you now –

Marketing is a psychological process. Though I can’t teach you psychology,  I can explain you in brief.

See, People use Social Media to connect with their friends, to watch funny videos, to express their thoughts, to get updated etc.

You can’t push your advertisement in between. If so, you are Interrupting them. Interruption Marketing doesn’t bring good results and doesn’t work for a long time.

Successful Social Media Marketers are those who don’t interrupt people, still, manage to convey the message (product).

Social Media is not a real life marketplace. People here are not ready to buy your products. You have to compel them to think about your product at least. Once the thought process begins, the further process goes with the flow.

Social Media Marketing is a skill. Seems easy, but actually not.

How to do Social Media Marketing?

1)Choose a right Social Media Platform

Every Social Media is made for different purposes.

Facebook is an open platform to all. We can share anything on Facebook without hesitation, Where on LinkedIn we have to maintain our professionalism, it is mainly B2B platform. Youtube is for videos. Instagram is for pictures.

We can’t create the same strategy for every platform, if we do so, we will fail miserably.

For example, Sameer own a restaurant and he wants to promote it on social media. So, he would create a Facebook Page, Instagram account and would share content.

On the other side, Pritam has his own Social Media Marketing Company in Pune, then mainly he will target LinkedIn, as his target audience is mainly there.

If you are a photographer, Instagram is the best choice for you, I don’t think that there is a need to explain why.

2)Create an Actionable Strategy

A strategy is the core part of Marketing. No strategy, No Marketing. In this phase, we have to come up with a solid plan. Confused?

Here’s an example –

Raj is an owner of a Café. He wants to do Social Media Marketing for his Café. So his Social Media Strategy should be –

  • Creating customer engagement, for this, he can post visuals of food, coffee etc. Other than this, he can also post recipe making videos.
  • He can run a Photo Contest. The theme of a contest would be taking pictures with coffee in his café, the best picture with the best caption will get a Prize. A prize would be again Coffee or Discount on other food items. It will create a buzz on Social Media.
  • Exclusive offers – Bring your partner and get one coffee absolutely free.

Don’t worry about the expenses. Giving free coffees or discounts will bring more customers (If you implemented the strategy in a non-spam way).

Strategy differs from Business to Business. If I own an SEO Company in Pune, then while using Social Media for marketing on Facebook, I should post the importance of SEO, Blog posts related SEO, Funny Quotes about SEO etc.

If I started posting like ‘ Hello guys.. I own an SEO Company, I provide these services for these Rupees ‘. Once or Twice people might pay attention, after this they will stop looking for my page. Ultimately, my Facebook Page will become messy.

That’s why strategy is important. Plan carefully, how to promote a brand in a good way.

These examples given by me are just to explain to you what is Social Media Marketing actually. This is not enough, there is many more to do in Social Media Marketing. I will write more blogs explaining how to do social media marketing for different businesses.

I hope you are now better aware than before. Still, if you have any query, please let me know.

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